All Inclusive Care

Pharmaceutical Services

Nurse Care Management Services

Seniors will have access to an individualized baseline assessment of their current care needs.

Paramedical, Medical and Support services

We are dedicated to providing exceptional pharmaceutical services that do just that.

Reimbursement Services

Our specialists will allow clients to take advantage of funding available to them based on their individual situation.

Summit Health Care Group

Working together to meet the highest level of service in health and home care.

Countless studies have proven that effective pharmaceutical care services can and have enhanced and even saved people's lives. The shift in pharmaceutical care services to patient focused care is presently defined as “the responsible provision of drug therapy for the purpose of achieving definite outcomes that improve a patient's quality of life”.
The pharmacy branch at Summit is dedicated to providing second to none pharmaceutical services that do just that.

Our Pharmaceutical Services include:

  • Home delivery of regularly refilled prescriptions and medical supplies
  • Variety of compliance pack options or an IT solution for medication reminders and administration
  • Injection/vaccination services
  • Coordination with insurance providers
  • Access to the full pharmacy team, including a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist and 24/7 Emergency after hour services
  • Consultation services
  • Quarterly medication audits
  • Monthly narcotic audits and environmentally safe drug disposal
  • Competitive pricing for medical supplies
  • Access to medical equipment on an as needed basis, anything from walkers, canes, grab bars, risers, and wheelchairs.

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