All Inclusive Care

Nurse Care Management Services

Pharmaceutical Services

We are dedicated to providing exceptional pharmaceutical services that do just that.

Paramedical, Medical and Support services

We are dedicated to providing exceptional pharmaceutical services that do just that.

Reimbursement Services

Our specialists will allow clients to take advantage of funding available to them based on their individual situation.

Summit Health Care Group

Working together to meet the highest level of service in health and home care.

Each individual that is in their own home, be it an independent home, seniors apartment building, village setting, or a retirement residence, will have access to an individualized baseline assessment of their current care needs. This initial assessment will inform the development of a specific plan based on each clients’ own needs. With ongoing monitoring and conversation, any time our team becomes aware of a change in client needs, the nurse care management team will adapt the client plan to accommodate those changes.  The nurse care manager will focus on the development of a care plan and can provide acute care to a client on an as needed basis.

The nurse care manager will provide the following services:

  • Intake assessment of health and development of a health care plan for an individual
  • Optimisation and prioritisation of health care plans based on client’s financial capabilities in consultation with pharma care and reimbursement specialist
  • Assistance in coordination with other service providers including pharmacy and paramedical
  • Monitoring of the imbedded medical technology and responding to medical emergencies to provide primary care
  • Acute consultations and review of care plan if/when situations change
Referral service on an as needed basis – specialists

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