All Inclusive Home Care

About Us

Nurse Care Management Services

Seniors will have access to an individualized baseline assessment of their current care needs.

Paramedical, Medical and Support services

We are dedicated to providing exceptional pharmaceutical services that do just that.

Reimbursement Services

Our specialists will allow clients to take advantage of funding available to them based on their individual situation.

Summit Health Care Group

Summit Health Care Group strives to provide the highest quality healthcare to all clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Summit Health Care Group is a full-service, fully bilingual, home and health care provider. Summit provides every single client with access to full pharmaceutical services, nurse care management services, paramedical, medical and support services and reimbursement services.
When it comes to care, there is no better resource, community or residence than Summit. We are your one stop shop for all of your health and home care needs.

Reaching the Summit Together

The word summit can mean many things, but to us, it means working together to meet the highest level of service in health and home care as a team. This belief serves as the foundation of everything that we do at Summit Health Care Group. From the moment we begin working with a new family, client or referring doctor, our promise is this:

  • We will provide the highest quality non-medical services possible
  • We will ensure that all of our seniors have access to competitively priced pharmacy products and services
  • We will facilitate other services such as OT, PT, and massage therapy through our partners
  • We will connect our clients with compassionate nurse advocates to help them navigate the health care system
  • We will continually collaborate with community groups, doctors, senior centres, long term care facilities, hospitals and clinics to ensure our staff are providing the highest level of care, unconditional compassion and equitable care accessibility
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