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All Inclusive Home Care

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We strive to provide the highest quality of service to our clients every time we connect.

Peace of Mind

We are dedicated to providing exceptional pharmaceutical services that do just that.

Qualified Health Care

We provide quality care demonstrating dignity and respect for those in need.

About Summit HealthCare Group

Summit Home Health Care Group is a full-service, fully bilingual, health and home care provider. Summit provides every single client with access to full pharmaceutical services, nurse care management services, paramedical, medical and support services, and reimbursement services.

When it comes to care, there is no better resource, community, or residence than Summit. We are your one stop shop for all of your health and home care needs.

Our Services

Holistic care aimed at helping you age well.

Nurse Care Management Services

Seniors will have access to an individualized baseline assessment of their current care needs

Pharmaceutical Services

We are dedicated to providing exceptional pharmaceutical services that do just that.

Paramedical, Medical and Support Services

Summit will offer each of the services within a client’s home to minimize the need for travel.

Our Mission at Summit Health Care Group

Summit Health Care Group operates with integrity, compassion, responsibility, and innovation in delivering the best holistic care to adults. Summit will provide access to pharmaceutical services, nurse care management services paramedical, medical and support services as well as assist clients in accessing funding via our reimbursement specialists.

Summit will be the one stop shop for all your home care needs. All care will be provided by qualified, trustworthy, and compassionate personnel who put your needs at the Summit. Text;Use your own values!

Our Vision

Holistic care aimed at helping you age well.

All Inclusive Home Care

Live with Dignity

Our Core Values

Compassion is a key piece of our existence and drives all that we do at Summit. Each person has special values and unique talents that must be acknowledged and embraced. Our purpose is to understand the circumstances and situations that our clients and loved ones face.  Our quality care demonstrates dignity and respect for those in need.

Integrity, ethical, honest, open, and sincere behaviour on the part of all our employees in all our interactions are very important to us. Providing you with your one-phone call health care solution is where we strive to maintain the highest standards of excellence, performance, and collaboration with clients, family members, partners, and co-workers in a values-based way.

Responsibility it is our promise to you to always act in a responsible manner ensuring mutual trust and respect are the starting point of our relationships among team members and our clients. We will always actively listen and ensure that every voice is heard and valued in the decision-making process. Confidentiality is paramount.

Innovation is key to our overall existence. We respect all ideas that come from consultations to ensure we continue to be a great company to work for, providing the best possible services to those you love most.


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